Learn About Settling a Loved One’s Estate

Tackling What Comes Next

After the difficulties that come with losing a loved one, come the challenges of estate settlement. You may even be named as successor trustee. Our free guides discuss what goes into the estate settlement process and what responsibilities you may have.

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Serving as Personal Representative or Successor Trustee

The responsibilities of these roles can be overwhelming, especially when you're grieving. You don't have to do it alone. Your Financial Advisor, estate planning attorney, and professional tax advisor can help you through the process..

What You’ll Receive When You Request the Guides

Because just the thought of starting can be intimidating, we're offering our free guides to help you understand the basics of what's likely to happen over the next several months. The guides cover some of the duties you've been assigned and can help direct you through the next steps.

  • Guide to Estate Settlement
  • Guide for Personal Representatives
  • Guide for Successor Trustees

While all the guides may not apply to you, they can help you understand the process others might be facing.

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